Embrace the Future...

"Infinite possibilities await us through the course of a single day. With the proper guidance and a new prespective anything can be attained."
~ Chetan


My spiritual name is Chetan. I have been a Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant for as long as I can remember. While my life has taken many different paths, I have always been led back to helping others. I was put on this earth & given a miraculous second chance at life to make a difference.
I truly enjoy helping those seeking a more meaningful existence.

Private Sessions...

A private session with me will usually begin before we even meet. I write down all of my initial impressions using simply, a pen and pad of paper, which I will bring to your appointment. I will go through everything I have written down with you. This could be anything from words, phrases, names, and/or scenes I have drawn out. 

In addition to being a psychic I am also a medium. Messages or communications from the other side (spirits, energies, loved ones, etc…) will and do come through. I will make you aware of these connections during our time together. 

I regard this information as sacred and treat it as such. My job as I see it, is to merely convey the information in its purest integrity without interference or judgment. I feel that it is of the highest honor to serve and be helpful to people in this way. You should always feel free to ask me questions and to elaborate on certain topics. I also encourage recordings and note taking during your reading.