Embrace the Future...

"Infinite possibilities await us through the course of a single day. With the proper guidance and a new prespective anything can be attained."
~ Chetan


My spiritual name is Chetan. I have been a Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant for as long as I can remember. While my life has taken many different paths, I have always been led back to helping others. I was put on this earth & given a miraculous second chance at life to make a difference.
I truly enjoy helping those seeking a more meaningful existence.

About Me...

As far back as I can remember I have always had a 6th sense, so to speak. From a very young age I can remember being very intuitive and always having a sense of déjà vu. Growing up, it was a necessity for me to hone my instinctive ability to survive, due to having a rough childhood... I spent a great deal of my younger years practicing predicting outcomes and looking into the future, as well as tuning into my "hunches" to help protect my family and I. With this, I was able to develop and expand on the psychic abilities I realized I possessed as I grew older...
I spent the majority of my young adult life tuning into my inner self through long distance running & competition, meditation and studying eastern philosophy. During this time, I enrolled in and graduated from The Ann Arbor School of Massage Therapy. This expanded my knowledge of the human body and the systems that are intertwined and therefore helped me understand the depth and surroundings of my abilities. 
About 17 years ago my life changed forever when I was hit by a drunk driver in a near fatal car accident and left with severe traumatic brain injury. Due to this, I had to relearn life as I knew it. Walking, reading, emotions... everything. Once recovered from the accident I could feel that something was different. I felt extremely connected with myself. Soon after that I was able to see things by simple tuning into a person. This was very interesting to me so I began to expand on it and offering readings to close friends and family. I finally learned to embrace the gift that was enhanced by this traumatic accident.
I feel I was given this gift and second chance at life to help others. I truly enjoy helping people as I believe the more we all know about ourselves, our lives, those in our lives, the world around us, and the more in tune with our inner selves we are, the more wholesome we can become. There are beauties in life that we must to learn to embrace, as there is a reason for everything.  I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me to help impact others in a positive way.